Journey To Health
with Sharri Gaines
Reflexology is the practice of applying pressure, through touch, to specific points on the feet, hands,
and ears, increasing energy flow to all systems and organs of the body through energy meridians
(pathways). The feet are the primary area of concentration, containing over 7,000 nerve receptors
and reflecting a map of the entire body.  Benefits include improved circulation and delivery of
oxygen to cells, lymph fluid drainage, acceleration of healing process, assistance with pain
prevention and management and improved cellular communication.

Session Fees
45 minutes:                $65
60 minutes:                $80

Reiki is a form of Energy Medicine based on the concept of Universal Life Force which is transmitted
through the practitioner's hands to the client. The body's own Intelligence directs the amount and
duration of energy flow. Sessions are generally very relaxing which allow the mind to rest and the
body to receive the healing benefits of the energy.

Session Fee:
60 minutes             $80  

This session combines the benefits of Foot Reflexology followed by Reiki energy balancing to  create
an optimal environment for healing and health. Very often in a longer session, I receive intuitive
information relevant to your current life path. It is a co-creative exchange.

Session Fees:
60 minutes            $80
80 minutes:           $95

I offer 30 and 60 minute readings as part of the Dancing Moon Readers Group, on the second
Tuesdays and fourth Thursdays of the month.
This is scheduled through the Dancing Moon
Bookstore by calling (919) 833-8081.
Using 6th Sense Intuition and Clairsentience, I receive and
reflect insight and information to you navigate life's opportunities and challenges with wisdom and

Session Fees:
30 minutes:          $60
60 minutes           $110

  • cash
  • personal check
  • credit/debit cards
  • Paypal  (
  • VENMO payment app

NOTICE:  48-hour notice required for cancellations. $30 fee imposed for cancellations under 48
hours. Legitimate emergencies excepted.